Imagine that you are the CEO of a Multinational, International organisation or Startup in the ICT industry and you know that your product has terrific marketing opportunities in Western Australia.


What are your choices?


  1. Set up a new branch with all the associated expense
  2. Empower a reseller to sell on your behalf
  3. Ignore the possible business

Or, you could use the Business Development Services provided by Marketing Success to bridge the gap between no representation and a local office. The advantages I provide are:


  1. A committed and knowledgable representative of your organisation
  2. An excellent network of existing business and government contacts
  3. A limited tern agreement with agreed costs and KPI’s

The goal at the end of my contract is to have replaced myself with a full time Business Development Manager and associated support.


Marketing Success can also implement a business collaboration environment for you based on the popular Evernote®️ application.


 ECC ConsultantClick this link to download or trial Evernote